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[[SPIRIN:Institutes|<font size=4><font color=#6B8594>''Partners''</font color></font>]]
[[SPIRIN:Institutes|<font size=4><font color=#6B8594>''Partners''</font></font>]]
{{#ask:[[category:SPIRIN partner institutes]]|?logo#|?title#|format=template|template=show logo}}
{{#ask:[[category:SPIRIN partner institutes]]|?logo#|?title#|format=template|template=show logo}}

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A web-based community for the study of Spirituality. Most of SPIRIN's contents can be accessed by members only.


  • A digital reference work in the field of Spirituality
  • Workspaces for scholars and students, facilitating research, teaching, discussion and publication
  • a learning environment, giving access to the content of spirituality and facilitating processes of understanding
Network (who is who)
  • a network of institutes and people collaborating in the field of spirituality.
  • Bibliographic data, gathered and classified by the SPIRIN web-based community for the study of spirituality
  • Bibliographic data, enabling the members to find their way in the main areas of spirituality

You can reach these entrances from any page
via the navigation menu at the left.

about Spirin

editorial board Inigo BockenCharles CaspersKees WaaijmanHanno WupperKirstin Zeyer

  • The entrance pages have been simplified.
  • Spirin can be visited from mobile phones.
  • PDF files can be included in SPIRIN pages.
The entrance to SPIRIN, search and browse facilities have been highly improved:older news...

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