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[[SPIRIN:Introduction/news|<font size=4><font color=#6B8594>''news''</font color></font-size>]]
[[SPIRIN:Introduction/news|<font size=4><font color=#6B8594>''recent SPIRIN developments''</font color></font-size>]]
[[SPIRIN:Introduction/news|more news...]]</small>
[[SPIRIN:Introduction/news|more news...]]</small>

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A web-based community for the study of Spirituality


You can reach these entrances from any page
via the navigation menu at the left.

about Spirin</font-size>

http://www.titusbrandsmainstituut.nl/eng_index.htmTBI logo 1.jpg

recent SPIRIN developments</font-size>

  • The entrance pages have been simplified.
  • Spirin can be visited from mobile phones.
  • PDF files can be included in SPIRIN pages.
The entrance to SPIRIN, search and browse facilities have been highly improved:

more news...

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