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Bulletin Board


Bulletin Board



→ All upcoming and recent events
3 February 2017 20:00:00: Nacht van de Mystiek (2017)
28 May 2016: Symposion Gemeinschaft der Geschoepfe 28 Mai
6 February 2016: Tweede Nacht van de Mystiek
27 November 2015: Die neue Empörung – Armut in Zeiten von Überfluss
22 November 2013: Geld und gut - die Rolle, die wir dem Geld in unserer Gesellschaft zumessen

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Book Reviews

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New Books

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SPIRIN development

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  • The entrance pages have been simplified.
  • Spirin can be visited from mobile phones.
  • PDF files can be included in SPIRIN pages.
The entrance to SPIRIN, search and browse facilities have been highly improved: