SPIRIN Encyclopedia of Spirituality (Waaijman 2006)

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SPIRIN Encyclopedia
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SPIRIN Encyclopedia of Spirituality
(Waaijman 2006)
Kees Waaijman

SPIRIN Encyclopedia of Spirituality (Waaijman 2006)

Kees Waaijman    2006Published


This article analyzes the encyclopedic quest in the area of spirituality, against the background of the phenomenon of encyclopedia in general, thus providing a theoretical framework for the SPIRIN Encyclopedia. It will be shown, that the circle of spiritual knowledge (words, things, images, texts, histories, processes, professions, disciplines, theories) functions as a circle of learning for researchers, lecturers, students and professionals in the field of spirituality.

Kees Waaijman o.carm (1942, Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands), is Director of the Titus Brandsma Instituut, and Professor of Spirituality at the Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Address: Erasmusplein 1, NL-6525 HT Nijmegen, The Netherlands. E-mail: kees.waaijman@titusbrandsmainstituut.nl