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  • Names are always spelled like in the English Wikipedia, like
    Dag Hammarskjöld
    and not:
    Hammarskjöld, Dag
  • Redirect pages can be used to deal with different versions of names and names in different languages. There is, for example, a page named:
    Beatrijs van Nazareth
    It contains only a redirect to the English spelling:
    #REDIRECT [[Beatrice of Nazareth]]
    Look what happens when you click on Beatrijs van Nazareth.
  • The names of SPIRIN participants get a prefix that directs links to their user page:
    User:Kees Waaijman
    See Help:How to introduce yourself.
  • Biographies of persons (other than personal pages of SPIRIN participants) should be marked as such, like in the example Beatrice of Nazareth.