SPIRIN:Introduction/1. Guided Tour

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Introduction to SPIRIN
Inigo Bocken
Jos Huls
Hanno Wupper
Kirstin Zeyer

This guided tour takes you to examples of pages where the real work is done. You have to be a registered participant and to log in to see these pages.


Finding each other

  • Who is who/Scholars - An overview of scholars participating in SPIRIN in the form of vcards with pass photo, themes of interest and research area. It is generated automatically from the participants' personal pages. Click on a name to see the personal page.
  • User:Inigo Bocken - The personal page of a scholar. You reach such personal pages wherever you click on the name of an author, translator, or coordinator. The personal page takes you to other contributions and pages of interest of the participant. Parts of this page (memberships, work in SPIRIN, list of comments, portfolio) are generated automatically. Others are maintained by the participant by means of a form.
  • Spiritual journey - A theme. The pages are generated automatically. They can also contain an article defining that theme.
  • Spirituality in Consultancy - A forum for professionals.

Finding content