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Frequently Asked Questions

There are three reasons why you might want to start a new page in SPIRIN

  • You want to add an existing article.
  • You want to use SPIRIN as a workspace to work together with others or alone on a project, article translation, or whatever.
  • You miss an article and hope that someone else will be inspired to write it.

What should the name (viz. the place) of the new page be? And how can it be created?

How to make a new page 
  • If you want to create a new subpage to an existing page tree you can simply extend the page name in the url in your browser.
  • If you want to start a completely new page, pleaseselect on the left side menu: "Create new ... encyclopedic lemma".
  • You can also simply enclose a word in an existing article between double square brackets:
    There are many forms of [[spiritus]].
    If the page (in this example spiritus) does not exist, a red link will be shown: spiritus

The name (and thus the place) of a new page
Essentially here are three possible places for a new contribution:
  • A page (or page tree) of its own. A new encyclopedic lemma about Nijmegen, for example, should simply be called:
  • A subpage of an existing page tree. If the root of a page tree is, for example,
    you might want to add a subpage:
  • If you do not know where to put a page you can always start with a subpage of your personal page. If, for example, your personal page is
    User:Jan Janzen
    and you want to start a new page on "spiritus", just call it:
    User:Jan Janzen/Spiritus
If necessary, a page van be renamed easily. Even a subpage structure can bechanged: Under the "More" tab you can select "Move". Make sure that you not only move one page but also its subpages!