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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to store texts...

  • so that they can be read easily on the screen,
  • so that a source text and its translation can be viewd next to each other,
  • so that others can use the latest version of source texts and translations in their work without copying
  • so that a coherent version can be printed on paper?

Page trees

  • Long texts should be structured and stored as page trees.
  • Essential:
    • In the automatic navigation box, all subpages will be sorted alphabetically. If you want them to apper in a certain order, you better let their name start with a number. Mind that 10, when sorted alphabetically will appear below 1 but above 2. So, when you have vore than 99 subpages, you better number them 001, 002, etc.
    • When you want to move, i.e. rename a page, please make sure you check that its subpages should be moved automatically.


  • The navigation menu consistes of several parts. Most of them are generated automatically. From top to bottom:
    1. If in the meta box of your article you said that it falls under of one or more bigger articles, readers, courses, projects or the like, their names will appear at the top of the navigation menu, like in Interdisciplinarity, which falls under Encyclopedic Approach in the Study of Spirituality. In many cases this top part will be empty.
    2. An image, for example a logo or the photo of the author. You can provide the name of the image in the meta box.
    3. Title, subtitle and authors. If the page name, title or subtitle is too long for the navigation menu, you can provide shorter ones in the meta-box. These are purely cosmetical and will neither be printed nor used in the index.
    4. An automatically generated, hierarchical, alphabetically sorted list of all subpages. See above for numbering.
    5. If you want to show something which is not automatically generated, for example some external links, you can provide a small page with this information. If you put the name of this page in the meta-box.
    6. If in the meta box of some other articles you said that these fall under present article, their names will appear at the bottom of the navigation box, like in Interdisciplinarity. Likewise, you will find Interdisciplinarity at the bottom of the nevigation menu of Encyclopedic Approach in the Study of Spirituality.
  • To show the navigation menu in all subpages, each subpage should begin with:

Full text

  • You can have all subpages of a page printed consecutively on one page, like in Carmelite Rule (Latin). As you see, this is achieved by the code
    {{#subpages:Carmelite Rule (Latin)|mode=include|showpath=no}}
    where, of course, "Carmelite Rule (Latin)" is just an examle for the desired page name.

Text and translation juxtaposed

  • When you give two or more subpage trees that have identical subpage names, the texts will be shown next to each other, as in Carmelite Rule (Dutch), which is generated by means of:
    {{#subpages:Carmelite Rule (Dutch), Carmelite Rule (Latin)|mode=include|showpath=no}}