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Frequently Asked Questions

By having been registered here a here you have become a member of a community of scholars, students, collaborators, and professionals that work together, share ideas and comment each other's work: see SPIRIN:Network (who is who). How do you introduce yourself to this community?

Your personal page

  • All people working here introduce themselves by a personal page. After you are logged in you can reach your own personal page by clicking on your name on the very top of this window. Whenever, on any page here, the name of a participant is shown in blue, a click on that name takes you to their personal pages.
  • First you may wish to look at the personal pages of some other participants to get an impression: SPIRIN:Network (who is who)
  • If your name is shown in red instead of blue, your personal page does not exist yet. To create it, please follow these steps:
    • Copy the following code:
      {{Who is who}}
    • Then go to your personal page, click the "Edit" tab, and paste what you have copied into the edit window.
    • Save the page. It should now already say whether you a registered as a scholar, student, collaborator, or professional.
    • Then click the new "Edit with form" tab and fill in the form.
    • If you are not sure how to do this, look at someone else's page.
  • You can update your page as often as you like via the "Edit with form" tab.

Your photo

  • Most participants here have provided a pass photo. Your pass photo will automatically appear in comments you write and at other places where it is useful.
  • After you have created your personal page you will see a red link with YOUR_NAME.jpg at the place fpr your photo. If you like, click in this red link and upload a photo.
  • Ensure it is stored under your name: If your user name in SPIRIN is "Jan Janzen", ensure your photo is saved as:
 Jan Janzen.jpg