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Frequently Asked Questions

How to place references to the Bible so that they appear in the SPIRIN:Bible index?

Examples can be found in Gestalten van roeping in de Schrift/2.03. Roeping en volgen.

A click on the reference will take you to the Bible text referred to. A click on the ® will take you to the corresponding part of SPIRIN:Bible index, where you can find more references to the same text.

The code for Bible references depends on the language of your article:

 {{bijbel|Lucas 9,18-27}}
 {{Bibel|Genesis 2,17}}
 {{bible|Gen 22:1-19}}

In the metadata you should also indicate the kind of reference, e.g.

 {{bible|Gen 22:1-19|quote}}
 {{bible|Gen 22:1-19|comment}}
 {{bible|Gen 22:1-19|sermon}}
 {{bible|Gen 22:1-19|translation}}

The default kind is "quote".

If you use an abbreviation for a Bible book that is not known yet to SPIRIN, the link in the SPIRIN:Bible index will be red. In this case you may want to create a redirect to the corresponding index page.