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Frequently Asked Questions

Which pages here may be read and changed by whom?

Nothing in SPIRIN can be changed anonymously.
Unlike Wikipedia, SPIRIN allows to change and add pages only to members who are logged in.
All SPIRIN members are identified by their full name. Nobody can register themselves.
SPIRIN is a community of scholars, students, and professionals. Other than in many web-forums all members are registered by an administrator under their full name. Members introduce themselves to the community by a personal page.
e-mail addresses are never disclosed.
SPIRIN knows your e-mail address in order to be able to send messages about changed pages and to send you a new password, should you have forgotten your old one. Spirin members can reach each other by an e-mail button, but addresses will never be disclosed.
Some selected pages are readable (but never writable) to the whole world, without login.
Think of scientific articles that already have been published elsewhere, encyclopedic articles that are not intended to be published elsewhere, information about SPIRIN, help-texts. These pages can be found in Category:public. Only certain privileged users may make a page public and change a public page.
Most pages are readable and writable to all registered SPIRIN members.
This is the default. Please understand that all changes made are registered with the moment of change and the full name of who changed it. Each page has a tab "view history", where you can see who did what. Please also note that all changes can be undone easily.
Access to an article, project or the like can be restricted to its authors.
Use the tab "edit with form" and check the option "access to autors only".
Access can be restricted to certain SPIRIN members per page.
If you want to keep the contents of a page absolutely secret you can restrict access to yourself and some colleages by listing your and their names as follow. Make sure you do not exclude yourself from such a page by omitting your own name!
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