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Frequently Asked Questions

If I do not know the names of the pages I need, how can I find them?

There are several ways to find pages.

  1. Systematically
    • The navigation menu at the left will take you to several different entrances for to find encyclopedic lemmata, people, courses, places, partner institutes and the like.
    • The navigation box at the right of an article will take you to subpages of that page and to some important related articles.
    • If you open the coloured boxes at the top left of an article you will find complete lists of related articles.
  2. Search on names, titles, keywords and contents via the search box on the top right.
  3. Via your own homepage you can find your own contributions and comments written for you.
  4. Via Special:Recentchanges you can see what has been changed lately. This can be useful if you have done something and cannot find it back.