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Every lemma in the dimension Texts has the following determinators and classifications:

  • The title* of the text in the language the text is presented in;
  • The original title*, if the text presented is a translation or a paraphrase or otherwise directly related;
  • The author* of the text;
  • The translator* of the text, if it is a translation;
  • The year of first publication*;
  • The religious or spiritual tradition in which the text has its setting or background;
  • The specific spiritual form in which the text is used: collation; instruction; lectio divina; bibliodrama;
  • Classification by one or two other dimensions of the SPIRIN Encyclopedia*;
  • Connections to other pages** in SPIRIN Encyclopedia;
  • A selected bibliography, offering the main publications related to the text;
  • Writer's short biography*.

For discussion of the dimension Texts in the SPIRIN Encyclopedia the following articles may provide some background or provoke discussions.

*) In the metadata, searchable.

**) By means of hyperlinks.