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Forms is a dimension in SPIRIN Encyclopedia. This dimension, however, is in itself a multifacetal phenomenon, which can be studied from different perspectives, showing a variety of aspects.

From the perspective of the other SPIRIN dimensions the following aspects can be distinguished:

  • Words: devotion; piety; religious culture; schools of spirituality;
  • Things: devotional books; devotional practices; sacramentalia; ink; paper; papyrus; stone; metal; audio-visual media;
  • Arts: synthesis, valuation;
  • Texts: written sources (literal and non-literal);
  • Forms:
  • Connections: Scholarly milieu; life communities;
  • Processes: spiritual processes as can be reduced from sources (texts, artefacts, contexts, human behaviour), in discussion with the state of the art.
  • Professions: historians of spirituality and/or religious culture;
  • Disciplines: historiography; historical anthropology;
  • Theories descriptive method; historical-critical method;