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  • A digital reference work in the field of Spirituality
  • Workspaces for scholars and students, facilitating research, teaching, discussion and publication

about Spirin Encyclopedia

Entrances: SPIRIN Dimensions
  • important words for the articulation and interpretation of lived experience
  • important words of contemporary (western and non western) spirituality
  • descriptions and analyses of the ways by which spiritualities organise their world, in which things get their place
  • natural things / artefacts of our material culture
  • pieces of art helping to explain the 'secrets' of spiritual life
  • representations of arts and analyses of their spiritual meaning.
  • the corpus of spiritual texts: written texts and audio(visual) texts like interviews
  • the texts intertextually related to these texts.
  • spirituality in its variety of historical 'forms'
  • figures, models and traditions encompassing 'forms' like: primordial spirituality; schools of spirituality; counter spiritualities;
  • between body, soul and spirit, inner and outer world, lower and higher forms of awareness, etc.
  • between I and Thou (friendship, marriage, cooperation, accompaniment, etc.), between families, workgroups, basic communities, kibbutzim, etc.
  • between movements, congregations, churches, orders, etc.; between cultures; between human mankind and nature
  • the human-divine connectedness in different spiritual traditions
  • dynamic relationship between asceticism and mysticism
  • concepts about phases and stages on the spiritual way, exercises and attitudes
  • practices and fields of experience, and their respective forms of guidance, particularly spiritual accompaniment, all of them essentially being forms of mystagogy
  • spirituality as a discipline, from intradisciplinary, monodisciplinary, and interdisciplinary perspectives
  • theoretical approaches in the study of spirituality
  • the corpus of theories on Spirituality throughout history
  • epistemological debates on the meaning and the interpretation of Spirituality
  • debates on the spiritual character of theoretical reflection

Other entrances

  • bio-bibliographies of important persons and their work
  • articles about such persons
  • a register of all authors, translators, coordinators etc.
  • work-places; places of activity (Deventer: Geert Groote; etc.)
  • pilgrimage places
  • important locations (Deventer Latin School; Windesheim congregation; etc.)
  • a learning environment, giving access to the content of spirituality and facilitating processes of understanding
  • research and development projects of one or more institutes
Bible Index
  • Bible texts in original language and translations
  • Comments
  • References to the bible in articles
  • SPIRIN contains articles, texts and translations in and from several languages.
Network (who is who)
  • a network of institutes and people collaborating in the field of spirituality.
  • collaborating institutes and partners