Dictionary of Modern Devotion

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Modern Devotion

Dictionary of Modern Devotion


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Dictionary of Modern Devotion

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The Dictionary of Modern Devotion is created in 2015 as the heart of SPIRIN encyclopedia. (...)

Collatio International

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Collatio International is a special issue of the Nieuwsbrief Collatie (Dutch).
The special issue collects and presents articles, news and information about Modern Devotion within an international scope.

Charles Caspers (eindred.), Ton Hendrikman Rijcklof Hofman (red.secr.), Clemens Hogenstijn, Gerry van der Loop, Henk Rutten (administration)
Administration Collatie p.a. Titus Brandsma Instituut Erasmusplein 1 NL-6525 HT Nijmegen

Information about Modern Devotion (Dutch)
Titus Brandsma Instituut (Nijmegen 1968): secretariaat@titusbrandsmainstituut.nl / www.titusbrandamainstituut.nl
Centrum voor Moderne Devotie (Deventer 1980): chogenstijn@hotmail.com
Stichting Thomas a Kempis (Zwolle 1988): www.thomasakempiszwolle.nl
Geert Groote Huis (Deventer 2013): www.geertgrootehuis.nl